Friday, January 18, 2013

LieStrong ... l

Today, I was shocked to hear what Lance Armstrong confessed. It is not because of surprise but because he accepts and sometime defends his position.

I do remember Mohammed Azarudding being banned for his involvement in scam. And like any other corrupt politician, he is now a member of parliament. He was most admired cricker at my home at that time after Kapil Dev. Sachin was not yet where he is now. Ajay Jadeja  was another cricker in similar scam.

Such cases are rare compared to all other people who play sincerely. But then, this guy created charity and kind of became motivation for so many cancer survivors.

I am not sure if the American Law or the society has any punishment for cheating. In India of course, Azarudding became a Member of Parliament. Him being so called minority might have helped. Even though he is no minority in Hyderabad. I guess Jadeja was not so luck in that sense. But he gets lot of invitations from TV. In fact, those who something wrong are more liked by media.

Over all, I hope not to see any more such people whom I admired in the past.

In the article on about LieStrong, I was also shocked to see so many support statements and comments for him being honest. I guess liars cannot oppose liars. Kalyug hain bhai Kalyug.

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