Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Google Maps for Mobile and Blackberry 8800

There is a new version of Google Maps for Blackberry 8800. Actually, there was never a version for 8800 but version for 8700 worked flawlessly on 8800.

When I heard of new version with GPS Integrated, i though i should give it a try. Well, I am disappointed. So, here is the reason why.

1. GPS looks like a afterthought of the implementation or a release just for the same of it. It takes more time to locate your position than blackberry maps that is installed.
2. Map does not rotate with your direction of movement. This seems to be the flaw inherited because of how Google Map was originally implemented. Map is always North on top and a small blue arrow to show your direction of movement. I actually liked the way Blackberry maps works as it shows your direction of movement on top and rotates map so you get a better view.
3. it does not show your speed. not that it matters a lot. But in BB Maps, your speed and directio of movement (East,West, etc) is show with speed. In Google Maps, it is a small arrow and frankly, hard to read
4. There is no way to explicitly shut off GPS from Maps. So, if you want to use Google Maps product on BB 8800, you will consume lot of batter power.

The product seems to be working faster than 8700 version but while vehicle is in motion, loading of maps is slower compared to blackberry maps. I love almost all of the google products but I was certainly expecting a lot more innovation in this production. :(

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


This one is for all those people who are searching for issues in Netbeans with JPA.

I downloaded Netbeans 6.0 M9 release and playing with JPA version of it. I faced few problems.

1. It was giving me error about some JBoss class. It was easy to fix. I didn't added TopLink essential to my libraries so running as simple java program was using by default some hibernate classes. Also, if possible, download latest Toplink JPA and add as a new library in Toplink. and Use this Library to avoid any bugs already fixed in JPA.

2. Unknown abstract schema type [ xxxx ]: I searched a lot and did not know whether it did not find a class or did not find a table. Well, it looks like it did not find a class as it was not defined in persistence.xml. Now I did add this to persistence.xml and it still did not resolve. So, I checked back several time and tried to debug. No solution. Then, I figured it out that 'Clean and Build' does not really cleans and builds. It only cleans and builds java classes and not configuration classes. Here is what it is:
  • To just clean, right click project name and clean. This option is much better clean (deletes all config files copied to WEB-INF/classes/META-INF, etc
  • To build, you can right clik project name and select build. But this one will NOT copy all configuration files :)
  • To really build after this, right click project name and select 'Verify Project'. This one will do the trick :).. really tricky
BTW, I have opend a ticket with Netbeans 103605. Hopefully, they will fix it in next version. in case they don't.. you know what to do.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

हिंदी blog macintosh पे

मेरा कंप्यूटर तो macintosh का हैं और मैं हिंदी में blog करना चाहता था।
गूगल का नयी खबर मिली कि अब हिंदी में blog कर सकते हैं तो मैं बहुत खुश हो गया।

पर जब मैंने ब्लोग करने कि कोशिश कि तो पता चला कि सफारी पर हिंदी टाईप नही कर सकते और firefox में हिंदी के अक्षर नही दिख ते।

फिर थोड़ी खोज करने पे पता चला कि एक नहा firefox हम इस्तेमाल कर सकते हैं जो हिंदी में टाईप करने में मदत कर्ता हैं।

आप लोग याहा पर इसे download कर सकते हैं


मुझे बताओ कि यह आप के लिए चला कि नही॥ धन्यवाद्