Sunday, December 6, 2009

Schools in Pune

After long long time, trying to do some research and once again reaching out to my friends on the net.
My kids (two) are already in a school (won't name right now) but their timings are different. So, not necessarily I am inclined to change their school right now but will be evaluating few schools going forward. I tried searching on the internet but could find very little information.

Have any of you evaluated schools in detail and found some schools better than others? Please provide links if you have. I am looking for schools on Aundh/Wakad/Baner side.

Most of the schools that I visited, do not have adequate place for sports or similar activities. Even if they have a little bit of place, most of the time is spent in studying. So, is there similar facilities available outside of the school. I visited Deccan Gymkhana and it is great for small kids and adults alike, not aware of any such place in Aundh/Wakad. Is it something available or upcoming?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Upgrading Windows 7 RC to Windows 7 RTM?

I almost made up my mind to delete everything, format and reinstall windows 7, based on recommendations from Microsoft but this link was very handy.

With one file name change, I was able to upgrade from Windows 7 RC and Windows 7 RTM. I hope I don't face any problem later :)

I did not even burn a DVD. I extracted iso file on a folder using 7-zip and changed content in the file source\cversion.ini file and modified MinClient parameter to 7100.0

Happy Ugrading!

Friday, June 26, 2009

iPhone Unlock...

After my last post of Ultrasn0w iPhone Unlock
I am very happy to inform you that I got my iPhone 3G unlocked without any problem. I used redsn0w and ultrasn0w without any issue.

One good side affect is the skype on iPhone now works without any trouble. Before iPhone 3.0, I had it unlocked using yellowsn0w and skype application will say that it won't run on modified iPhone. So, very well done.

I am using with by BSNL Card and haven't tried MMS yet. But will let you all know. I am also waiting for 3G.

Well, that's all the update for this week.

P.S: And I am a little sad about Michael Jackson. :(

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pune Real Estate Price Dynamics

So, Continuing with my previous blogs on pune real estate, I though I will update you guys about this weekend's update.

This week, we met many builders and more than that many buyers. Several people contacted me from different places in India but also from outside India :)

So, I thought it would be only more helpful if I were to share more of my weekend home search information with you all.

First, I saw that there are fewer 1BHK flats available but there are very few takers. Reasons:
  • They are out of people for most lower middle class people (15 Lacs +)
  • Most people prefer to have childrens. So, all of IT crowd is looking for 2+BHK (even though they switch jobs a lot and change cities all the time)
  • 1BHK flat may be a below status (?)
So, I saw the availability of 2BHK. Inspite of all the rates increase, one of the reasons rates have not come down to what it should be (50% cut) is because of 2BHK. During the boom time, several builders planned apartments that are lot more of 3BHK and lot less of 2BHK. Some time ration was 4:2 on each floor.

With boom in IT, people did buy lot of 3BHK at that time. Now, with down turn, uncertainity and liquidity problem, those 3BHK buyers have moved a step down and are buying 2BHK. That has created competition to purchase low inventory of 2BHK between existing 2BHK buyers (cash constrained) and new 2BHK buyers (with excess cash and ability to buy 3BHK). So, most of the places 2BHK are being sold. This provides enough cash for builders to keep hopes high that they will have pick in the market and will also seel 3BHK.

With time, I think they will build lot more of 2BHK and few of 3BHK. So, either lot of 2BHK or lot of 3BHK with less sq ft. This might create more concentration of 2BHK. What do you guys think?

P.S.: Are your friends purchasing or planning to purchase flats in pune? If yes, please ask them to share their latest negotiated price with me (us). We are trying to create initial inventory of all locations and lowest price negotiated. This will allow all of us to negotiate and bring the rate down further. Also, it will allow to compare all properties in one place. Wait for more update on this ;-)

And if you are planning to buy, ask me (wakad side) and you will get information of what is latest.

am a software engineer by heart and profession. Not an expert on real estate. But hey, we can always collaborate and share information.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ultrasn0w iPhone Unlock

With my iPhone 3G still not on OS 3.0, I am eagerly waiting for the release of UltraSn0w so I can both jailbreak & unlock to be used in India. My phone still working as I have not upgraded iTunes and still on older iPhone OS.

I think the copy paste features will be really helpful :)

My friends in US mentioned yesterday that they are happy with their update. They are on AT&T so they do not have to worry about Unlocking yet.

With no message in last 10 hours from @MuscleNerd, I am not sure what is happening. I hope they are working hard to make thousands of people happy.

Do you guys have any idea when 3G will be available in India or in Pune? BSNL Pune has 3G in testing mode  but only for Video Call. How many of us will make video call. We want fast browsing on cell phone first and then may be video call.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

IT Downturn In India and Home Prices

Well, we all know that IT people got all this housing property prices to go sky high. Now, there may be good news with all the IT downturn.

Check this link about how big developers are canceling their SEZ approved plans. What does it mean that there is less demand now and all IT companies are expecting less growth in future too. This means less rich IT employees to buy residential.

I think it is a good news for everyone. Those who are in IT and not able to afford and those who are not in IT.

And for those of you who think home prices never goes down, here is the home price trend in Florida from showing median home prices in Florida. 2009 Prices are below 2005 :)

How is your company doing? Are you purchasing home in Pune? DLF and Unitech decreased their rate this year by 40%. I know they are not in Pune but Pune has grown mostly due to IT. Are you getting similar price cut from your builder? If not, are you still purchasing?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

पुणे में घर की कीमतें ....

पिछले blog में मैंने लिखा की किस तरह पुणे में घरों की कीमतों में कमी आई हैं पर बिल्डर खुल कर कीमत कम करने से कतरा रहे हैं

शनिवार के दिन मैं पुणे के दूसरे जगह घूम ने निकला और कुछ और घरों की तलाश की

विक्रम developers की नयी प्रोपर्टी हैं सेनापति बापट रोड पे। वह पर हम ने पाया की बिल्डर ७००० बोल रहा हैं पर हमें ५५०० के लिए मना रहा हैं। :)

हम ने औंध में Queens & Kings देखा ..परिहार चौक के पास। वह बिल्डर ४५०० /sq ft बोल रहा हैं पर ४००० के लिए भी तैयार हैं। वैसे जगह अच्छी हैं पर कीमत कुछ ज्यादा हैं।

देखे आगे क्या होता हैं ..... हम्हारे घर की खोज में :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pune Real Estate

It's been quite long since blogging but today I am trying to reach out and see how many of you are in Pune or outside Pune but looking at purchasing the apartments here from the builder.

I have been looking for the dream home to be purchased but the kind of price quoted by builder is amazing. It is easier to buy similar home in USA in places like Boca Raton, Florida than in Pune Wakad :)

So, we found similar minded few people and created 10-15 group who can together bargain with developers. we went to places like ParkStreet, Rajeev Palace and few other places. We also got in touch with few investors to see if they are interested in getting rid of some of their assets to increase cash in their hands. Ironically, many of the investors are ready to sell the same flats that builders are selling at lower price.

Builders have no buyers and or very few buyers. There is lot of interest but very few sales. Everyone is hanging in there in hope of turn around. And to add to that, there is lot of confusion.

We sent different people at same locations and found that every sales buy provided us different rates for same flats, told us different availability numbers and when you merge all together, you figure it out that they have lot of flats available and rate is variable as much as 700 rupees /sq ft in quotation inself.

Park street, which has sold flats in recent past to rates lower than 2500 Rs/sq ft will quote you 2900 to 3200 depends on which day you go there :)
Gk Builder is quoting 2300 Rs/sql ft and will mostly sell at under 2000 Rs/sq ft if you buy from places where nothing is built yet but trust them. In this economy, not sure anyone would like that :)

What you guys are doing? In for purchase but only at lower cost? Leave a comment... and I will contact back. We are expecting 2000-2100 is a good price for places like Parkstreet. what do you guys think?

And how legal is Pune Builder's Association Cartel system? Not much if there is no political support for them.. but let's leave that aside for now.

Update: My dear friends, thanks for your encouraging comments and your wish to join the group if we are able to get the rate down. But I have no idea how to contact you unless you leave some information. Few of them left Mobile # which is good too.. but otherwise.. not sure.
You can contact me at "srinivas dot rc at gmail dot com"

Update (12/Oct/2012): It is almost 3 years since then. I would like to inform that we did buy few flats ... almost eleven at Parkstreet at that time and at the rate of 2600. We could have bought at 2500 or less if people had more interest and were not chickening out :) Ultimately, builder is professional and people who unite for small window of opportunity didn't stick. But again, we had lot of people in our group .. almost 20+ and lot of other people in the group we didn't know about. It was great experience and even though I was doing it for few of my friends ended up buying and now updating this blog from my very own house.