Thursday, March 13, 2014

Punjab National Bank Customer Service

My experience with Banks are not always best but recently with PNB was at worst.

Here is what happened:

I went to the bank to deposit 7K INR in cash.
I took token (for cash deposit below 25K) and waited for my number.
Once my number was called, I went to the counter. The counter person refused to take my money for deposit and said that bank does not take any cash deposit below 30K and I should go to a cash deposit machine outside of the branch and deposit there.

There was no crowd and not a rush period. So, I enquired with him that they should have informed to me about this before hand for which they told me that they had put a notice (in small fonts) somewhere at entrance and they will not entertain my request.

I went to branch manager who also refused to budge to my request. He said he is unable to take cash deposit at counter as if they take any cash deposit then the top management asks question from Center. Well, after much argument he convinced me to go to the cash deposit money.

I then went to the machine which had looong queue (while counters were empty now) with no one able to deposit.

Apparently the machine was not working. We went to the branch manager (who now disappeared) and all the employees refused to take cash deposit. One employee recommended that we come next day to deposit.

While most of the transfers I do it online using NEFT or RTGS, there are times when we need to do urgent cash deposit. Not allowing customers to deposit money is a big loss. While private banks are sending people at home to pick up cash and deliver services at door steps, nationalised banks are not ready to take cash deposit. I hope all this changes soon.

Youtube Video of arguments.

Technology cannot be forced on people. Management of PNB should look into their service.

Did you face anything similar at PNB or at other banks?