Sunday, December 6, 2009

Schools in Pune

After long long time, trying to do some research and once again reaching out to my friends on the net.
My kids (two) are already in a school (won't name right now) but their timings are different. So, not necessarily I am inclined to change their school right now but will be evaluating few schools going forward. I tried searching on the internet but could find very little information.

Have any of you evaluated schools in detail and found some schools better than others? Please provide links if you have. I am looking for schools on Aundh/Wakad/Baner side.

Most of the schools that I visited, do not have adequate place for sports or similar activities. Even if they have a little bit of place, most of the time is spent in studying. So, is there similar facilities available outside of the school. I visited Deccan Gymkhana and it is great for small kids and adults alike, not aware of any such place in Aundh/Wakad. Is it something available or upcoming?