Saturday, December 3, 2011

ICICI Wealth Management - Bad Customer Service

Today I received an email from ICICI Wealth Management team. I am having recently very bad experience and this email did not help in changing that feeling.

Here is the link that I received for filling up survey.

Now, In the comments, I could not add more than 30 characters.

If ICICI is not willing to listen more, I am not sure they will provide any great service. At least provide an email address to complain :)

Recently, I visited a new ICICI branch in Pimple Saudagar.  My friend had just visited and received a locker after depositing some money in FD. I am already a wealth management a/c holder and I thought I should be able to get a locker as where my a/c is does not have any locker service.

After visiting the branch, I was told by branch manager that I have to do investment. I asked him several times why I have to do this when I already have a/c and sufficient investment and relationship with ICICI to be in wealth management a/c. He had no answer but insisted that is the only way to go. I tried complaining to my relationship manager and he said he cannot help. When I told them to take my complaint after few days, they mentioned that locker is no more available and they will provide it to me when available (which is not true).

This all is very bad and I am going to leave ICICI bank pretty soon.


ICICI Bank Care said...


We regret the problem caused to you. Please send us your contact details at and we shall get in touch with you soon. Kindly refer '2475448' in the subject line.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team

Srini said...

I have sent an email to ICICI Bank. Let's see how the customer service issue is resolved.