Monday, December 12, 2011

Creating Icon or FAVICON that shows in tab or URL bar

I had create an icon that we generally see either on the URL bar or at the top of the browser when you visit certain sites.

Amazon icon in the Tab
What you see here in the left is Amazon logo that is shown in the tab. While it is generally the case that you have lot of sites open, favicon gives quick identification for well know sites that you visit. 

It is little difficult to create icon for all kind of logo but not impossible. If you have to create an .ico file, you can create in any of the icon editor.

I looked up website and found that This Icon Creating Site was very handy at least for the image that I was using. Thanks for the creator of the site.

When creating a logo, you may also want to make sure that non logo part of the image is made transparent. The site provided that feature and it made logo look lot better. This is mostly the case if your logo is not not a perfect square. 

You can also use PNG but I think it is too heavy but may allow more creativity. 

Give it a try and do let me know how it goes.  

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