Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Blackberry z10 discount deal

Saw in the news paper that blackberry in India is having discount of up to 11,000 INR for the exchange offer.

At first I thought that it is as lucrative as the deal for SamSung. But on further research it does not seems to be that good.

  • It is not standard 11 K discoung. It is upto 11K. So, if you return blackberry curve, you may only get 3K discount
  • The price of the base blackberry itself is very high
  • If you deduct 3K from 37K, the phone is very costly even at 34K. 
  • Galaxy Note 2 was 27K after 10K discount

Here is the related news.

I doubt that in the long run, blackberry will be able to sell more phones.

Also, I am not convinced about paying more for blackberry services when you can get all your email and chat on unlimited internet (EDGE) for 150 Rupees.

The ROI seems to be not just there.

Even though I have used blackberry for more than 10 years, I have moved to android phones. Even 10K simple phone from Micromaxx is much better than what is offered by blackberry.

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