Friday, October 12, 2012


After going through my struggle of working with TATA Docomo website, I thought it would be better if I were to write this blog and it might help one of our most respected company from India to improve.

And instead of spending all that money in great ad, could spend on real products and servies.

It all started when I got TATA DOCOMO mifi device. While it works great and used mostly by my wife, first month the bill was 4000 INR more. Her work got stopped as she works from home most of the time, she ran and paid that amount.

Next month, the extra charges due to over use was ... wait... 17000 Rupees. While the month charge for 10GB in the plan that was included is 1250 Rupees, how come you start 17,000 Rupees for over use by 7 GB. The plan for 20GB itself is 1550.

OK, we must have made a mistake.... but no.. 17K. After talking to customer service in the service center that is far far away and couple of hours of wait, they said we will give you discount and you can pay 7000 Rupees more. Still not good.

So, I try to set up my account and change the plan on TATA Docomo website and I realized it is not so easy.

First, there are three websites.  ==> This is the branded page but loads iFrame of  ==> Same as Docomo. But Old Site.  ==> This one is always hidden and loaded within the frame.

If you try to login into the first two sites (which I tried on Chrome Browser on the Mac OSX), half of the features do not work.

Issue #1:
As soon as you login, it asks you tons of question.

You get the idea.

There are two pages of the survey that you cannot skip and shows up every time you login. There is no way to disable. That is some really bad customer service by TATA DOCOMO.

Issue #2:
Internet Usage. 
For the company that is selling Internet Data Card and promises that internet usage will be promptly be shown in real time,.. here is the usage details.

Issue #3:
Most of the links do not work

Issue #4: 
You cannot change your plan. The link does not work

Issue #5:
This one is major issue for me. i.e. Security issue at TATA DOCOMO. It you try to reset password, it will send your password in plain text in your email. That is just not expected from TATA DOCOMO.

I can go on and on about how nothing really worked. But I am writing this in full faith after my previous bad experience at Tata Chroma where I had purchased a blackberry and I was given a returned phone with that person's login already in. When I talked to that person's son, I came to know that it was returned and not some magic :) And of course, customer service was not at all apologetic but rather made sure I am out of their store immediately so they can dope some other customers. And yes, I didn't go after that incident to Chrome... i.e almost more than a year. I tried online customer service and all.. but no use.All the same. So this time, use power of social world.